MKP Canada Online PIT 2021 (Anglais 200$ Early Bird)

MKP Canada Online PIT 2021 (Anglais 200$ Early Bird)

Do you want to recharge your I-Group?
Do you want to get more out of your I-Group?
Do you want to take on more leadership roles in your I-Group?
If you answered yes to any of these then the recently revised Primary Integration Training (PIT) is for you.

You may not have taken a PIT previously; you may have taken the condensed weekend PIT in the past or you may have taken the 8 week PIT many years ago?

This revised 2021 Online PIT is different than any of the other PITs. This PIT goes into more detail about how you can make I-Groups even more effective.
PIT 2021 Online is a fully revised ONLINE version of the Primary Integration Training. It contains the most powerful processes and exercises of the PIT presented over 8 online sessions, with a rich array of resources, videos, reading, and exercises to keep you growing and learning.
Embarking on a committed journey of growth with a group of men is challenging and exciting. It’s a tremendous opportunity to deepen your self-awareness and build bonds that can last a lifetime.

What you’ll learn …


– Look again at some of the transformations of the NWTA in a new light.
– Learn about and practice key I-Group processes in each Round: Checking In, the Shield, Accountability, Clearings, the ‘Work Round,’ and Closing the Circle

– Learn the full Framework for running a 4-round I-Group from start to finish- Groundwork for creating a safe and brave space for including men from different backgrounds.-Learn more about the archetypes and when to engage them in your circle.


When: 8:00PM EST time for 2.5hrs Monday March 22 and then for the next 7 Mondays (Except Easter April 5th)

Cost: 175$/200$/225$
Done PIT in the pass/ Early Bird/ Regular

Contact :
Pat Pattison /

Registration :
Click on this link to self-register and add your name to the list /…/1YAY66P3PuXeNF…/edit…

Payment :

This is the first Canadian 8 week PIT in over eight years. Register early so you have a seat on this training.