Do you want to develop your leadership skills?
Do you want to create a safe container in your I-Group and in other relationships?
Then Leadership Training #1 (LT1) may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Canada’s first ever bilingual Leadership Training #1 (LT1) will be held at the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre near Kingston on March 27-29, 2020.

This 2½ day weekend will include:
1) How to set, hold, protect and release strong containers in your life, with emphasis on how containment tools work on the NWTA, in I-Groups and in personal and professional relationships.
2) How the MKP core values of Passion and Compassion, and stewarding authentic mature Lover energy, keep us connected to our feelings and relationships. We’ll use the Self Care of the Body to help promote the practice of MKP’s Key Initiative of Health and Well Being.
3) The theory and practice related to the core competencies of Emotional Literacy & Container Building Skills, along with Visualization (Story Telling) Skills – all tools that come primarily from the Lover’s Quadrant.
4) Dynamic dialogue concerning Heterosexism, with emphasis on how the issue of homophobia may show up on the NWTA, in I-Groups and in our professional and personal lives.
5) Integration of key LT1 teachings by preparing to build a Court of Support for yourself and to activate that Court for at least one 7-week cycle. (Giving each man the experience of learning how to build, hold, protect and ultimately release his own Court of Support.)

When, where & how much?
– Time: 6pm Friday, March 27 to 3pm Sunday, March 29
– Pricing: Early Bird of $325 if deposit paid or arrangements made by February 14. 2020; Regular fee of $425 (fees in Canadian dollars)
– Included: Accommodations, meals and simultaneous French translation
– Register at: (you must be logged into MKP Connect)
– Pay at:

For more information (including payment plans or subsidy requests) contact:
– Quebec:
– Ontario/other:

Refund policy: Full refund if cancelled 1 month before the event. Later cancellations refunded if surplus funds are available (if not, there will be a credit for future events).