The ManKind Project (MKP) was founded by three men in Wisconsin in 1984. A former Marine (USMC) and engineer, Rich Tosi, a psychologist, Bill Kauth, and a university professor, Ron Hering.

Their observation was as follows: in the modern world, men no longer benefit from initiations; they are uncomfortable with nature, with themselves and with others. The goal is to recreate a connection over this weekend. It’s an initiation, not an internship, not therapy.

In MKP literature, there is talk of tribal initiations to masculinity. Rites of passage that would have disappeared for several generations. It says that the roles of men and women changed since the 1970s. Men lacking emotional and spiritual support have been confronted with women’s new expectations.  This movement has come into existence to offer a positive response to feminism. One text further states: “Our fathers could not give us what we needed, we were raised by women from whom we could not learn manhood, so we must teach it to one another. »

Since that time, more than 60,000 men around the world have been initiated by living what is called the New Warrior Training Adventure.

From this number, many have formed groups to help each other and continue to work together. They have also set up many powerful programs to develop their full potential as men.

MKP is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any religion or political party.

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photo : James Oliver