Ethical Relations Policy

This ethics policy is derived from the core values of ManKind Project International: accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, leadership, multicultural awareness and respect. I agree to integrate these values into my life by honoring the intent of this document.


This means that:

  • I recognize that a relationship may be exploited when I use my position or experience with ManKind Project International to influence another person for my benefit, especially if I know that person is vulnerable at the time. I understand that exploitation can occur at any time, and that a person may be more vulnerable to exploitation shortly after initiation.
  • As a member of ManKind Project International, I agree not to participate in any financial, commercial, therapeutic or sexual relationship that a reasonable person would consider exploitative.
  • If at any time I feel that my actions may be considered exploitative, or if my behavior is challenged, I will consult with those I trust to question that behavior and my underlying motives.
  • I am responsible for my actions, and I am willing to be held accountable by my Center and ManKind Project International. If I believe someone has exploited another’s vulnerability, I will hold them accountable.
  • If a peer review is conducted and I am found to have exploited another person’s vulnerability, I accept that consequences within the ManKind Project International community may be imposed.
  • As a member of the ManKind Project International, I agree to abide by this policy.

Distribution of this policy

This policy will be posted on all ManKind Project international center and community websites, both public and private, and will be distributed via e-mail on a quarterly basis. Each center will include a copy of this policy in all staff and new brother packets. This policy will be discussed with new brothers during the onboarding discussion at the end of the NWTA, as well as any subsequent onboarding training. The following statement will be included in the participant release for all ManKind International Project trainings (with the exception of NWTA) and in all staff applications and releases:

“I have read, Understand and agree to abide by the ManKind Project International Ethics Policy.”

Confidentiality Agreement

By participating in the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA), I will learn details about customs, protocols, traditions, exercises, rituals, processes, and other information, both in oral and written form, that are the exclusive property of The ManKind Project (the “Proprietary Information”). In addition, I may learn information about other participants during the course of the NWTA that is confidential (the “Confidential Information”). As an express condition of my participation in the workshop, I agree not to reproduce, duplicate or copy, in any form or manner, any written or oral information.
in any form or manner, written or oral, any confidential information without the express written permission of the ManKind Project (MKP). I further agree not to disclose, in any form or manner, written or oral, any confidential information that I learn as a result of my participation in the INA. I may, however, share my personal experience with INGO as long as I do not disclose confidential information.

MKP Confidentiality Promise

MKP agrees to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information as set forth above. However, if a participant in an MKP program discloses recent or ongoing actions that place him or her or another person at risk of significant physical, emotional, or psychological harm, or contemplates committing such actions in the foreseeable future, MKP may be mandated by law to report such information to an appropriate agency or organization. Even in the absence of a legal mandate, MKP may act to protect the participant or any other person from foreseeable harm, while providing the participant with a path to healing and support.